We are based in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


We have an office in Hong Kong.


We are based in São Paulo, Brazil. A city known for being the business center of the country.


We also have an office in China to simplify your orders and trading business.


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A brazilian representative agency.
Meet our team

Luiz Carlos Tapia

It began operations in the electronic area on 1978 in the ELEBRA S.A. at PCB laboratory, later called ALCATEL, company initially telecommunications and electronic systems for the battleground, acquiring experience and knowledge in the PCB manufacturing, controls and assembling, remaining nine years when it finally transferred himself to the field of manufacturing printed circuit boards, mainly in the automotive and telecommunications area, applying technical standards and specifications, technical support and physical testing, process control, applicability of standards creating procedures for quality control, training and lectures, in order to acquire more reliable products.

On 1997 was a trainee at EDC Electronic Drilling Control, placed at Irving, Big Dallas, Texas, for Multilayers Technology, which transferred all the knowledge to companies where had worked.

Graduated in Chemistry on 1987 as bachelor and Environmental Management on 2009, acts as auditor and technical consultant in electronic areas as well as corporate members of printed circuit boards, manufacturers and assemblers.


Enio Barsali

Specializes in machine tools, electronic systems and operating software.

He began his career on 1979 at SISCO Computers in the electronic area, transferring shortly after to suppliers of machines and tolls for the electronics industry, with emphasis on printed circuits boards, acting as  maintenance electronic technician as well as installation. He was trained at overseas companies placed at several countries such as Japan, USA and Germany.

In addition to electronic technician, the necessary qualification to obtain knowledge and training order made abroad, by which has remained updated.


Deangelys Oliveira

Working at operations  and maintenance CNC machines since 2000 at Multek Brazil and after at Pluritec  Ltd., acquired an outstand experience becoming  a specialized technician and one of his powers is the production management and planning .

Graduated on 2010 in Mechatronic Technician,  started to work only with maintenance CNC machines produced by Pluritec Itália, developing a Preventive System, spindles repairing.

Nowadays, works at ProCircuito installing parts  and maintenance in old machines, being able to install new machines.


Nilton Marino

Since 1984 he has been working with foreign trade throughout the world, offering outstand services such as goods following at origins through our team, plane and vessel hiring, shipping, goods arriving, customs clearance and delivering to final destination.

As we can export and import any sort of goods, all licenses are available to our customers, we can work with several agentes throughout the world in order to become the overseas purchase opearations easier to our customers.

Within of his tasks scope, are main jobs such as researching and good quotations, air/sea/road freight hiring, paperwork issues and checking, goods classification, fees payments and work with customs inspectors and authorities closely in order to streamline the process.

Graduated in Management and Foreign Trade, he has been working as forwarder specializing and updating herself through customs a federal laws to promote tranquility and easyness to our customers.


Angel Tsui

Pro Circuito / Pro Wistech C.E.O., responsable for overseas tradings, hiring werehouse, vessels, picking up, suppliers management, new goods development, quality/ quantity inspections, issuing all paperwork to become easier the customers operations and streamline the purchase process.